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2023 Laviki Exhibit Series II - LED Middle East LED Lighting Exh

China's Belt and Road Initiative is in line with Egypt's Vision 2030, which includes enhancing connectivity in energy, transportation, infrastructure, etc. The Belt and Road Initiative is in line with Egypt's vision to the "Belt and Road" initiative is in line with Egypt's goals of developing its economy, promoting financial integration and humanistic exchanges, making it a strategic partner. Sisi noted that Egypt is participating in a series of joint projects under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, among which it hopes to develop the Suez Canal corridor into an important regional center, trade center, transportation center and logistics center.


LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO in Cairo, Egypt is the only professional LED lighting exhibition in Egypt. Egypt is the second most populous country in Africa and has long been in the leading position in Africa in terms of economy and technology. The exhibition responds to the needs of the industry and is one of the most important parts of the energy-saving action to deal with the growing energy shortage in the world.


With the development of the Egyptian economy in recent years, the number of rich people in Egypt has increased, and the demand for a new generation of energy-saving LED lamps in the Egyptian market has also increased. LED lamps and other value-added lamps will also occupy an important role in the Egyptian lamp market a seat. LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO in Cairo, Egypt will also be another important direction for Chinese products to develop the market in Egypt.

The LED Middle East LED Lighting Exhibition 2023 will be held at the International Conference Center in Cairo, Egypt on May 11-13, 2023. The 5th International Exhibition for LED Technology, Modern Lighting Systems and Electronic Components.


Welcome to invite you to our booth. We will present different series of exquisite new products.

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In pursuit of perfection and fulfillment of our mission to change the world with lighting, intellectual property plays an indispensable role. Owing to our infinite passion for creation and innovation, the majority of our models are our original designs with patents that cover both technical and aesthetic designing, in line with our philosophy on the combination of technology and beauty.

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